A Poem...

And the story goes
They left their homes
Without a scene
To venture into a world unseen
And it was beautiful
Gazing from their ship
2,000 light years from home

They looked upon the earth
The vivid colours of oceans scenes
Of purples, blues and greens
Yellows and flaming reds
Man what a scene

They were 2,000 light years from home
And they prayed for them
To return safe and sound
Be greeted with familiar sounds
Of barking dogs and laughing frogs
Their children played
The spaceman watched
Smiled a smile of being home

Thank you starman – What a dream
Yet it really was reality
They went into space unknown
Blessed by god – They returned
I’m sure I was there – You are too
When you view the space of life
The dreams we have – The stars so bright
When we were young.

This poem was published on behalf of a fan.