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Brief Biography of Bobby Ward - Singer, Songwriter and Composer. Archive Gallery Below.

The Artist has been a singer and front man spanning 50 years and he has performed to audiences of thousands, alongside many legendary musicians past and present and high profile bands of all genre; from rock to soul, jazz and blues on the global stage.

After performing at Glastonbury, he took time out and is now forming his new band Stonewall Gardens.

Singles (and videos) "Make Me an Offer", "Another Day", "Like a Rolling Stone", "You've Really Got Me", "Woolly Bully", "The Count Of Monte Cristo", "Louie Louie", "Not Fade Away", "Ruby Tuesday", "It's All Over Now ", "Sympathy for the Devil, "Hey You, "Bonjour (oo la la)", "Fly Away"   - see track listings to listen and watch videos.

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